Photo via Sputnik news

Electricity bills will increase twice in the next three months. The decision was announced by Electric Energy Secretary Alejandro Sruoga, in the context of the public hearings held with that purpose that is taking place since 9 AM today.

Since the audience will continue throughout the day, there is information that has not been disclosed yet. But according to the announcements made so far, 90 percent of users of Edenor and Edesur, the companies which supply electricity to the City and Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, will see increases lower to 39 percent in December, while the remaining 10 percent will see an increase that will be between the mentioned figure and 47 percent. The second installment of increases will be of up to 18 percent.

The news comes days after the government announced that, in average, gas bills for residential users will increase by 45 percent, also in December.