The El Palomar airport will be a potential hub for low-cost flights, but will serve all airlines that meet the requirments . (Photo via Airgways)

The Macri administration has added El Palomar to the national airport’s list as part of a modernization process to deal with expected growth in the airline sector.

El Palomar, a military airport, is located 28 kilometers from downtown Buenos Aires and has been mentioned as a possible hub for low-cost entrants like FlyBondi and Norwegian. Dietrich has said in the past that the terminal will be made available to any airlines that meet the requirements and that it will be a low-cost terminal.

The decree, published today with the signatures of President Macri, Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña and Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich, argues that the “state must adopt the necessary measures to guarantee adequate infrastructure for commercial flights, both domestic and international, and to ensure links with other countries and connections between the various regions of the country.”

It also states that the ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration) first made the request to have the airport added to the national system, and that the ORSNA (the organism in charge of regulating the national airports’ system) has given green light to El Palomar. This inclusion means that Buenos Aires will be served by three airports.

However, as made clear by the decree, El Palomar is not yet ready for commercial operations and it will have to be modernized, so don’t start packing your suitcase just yet.