The Junkie Rats smoked, or ate, 800 kilos of marijuana, according to police (Photo via Time)

Last week, we were amazed when reporting the story about a half-ton of marijuana, seized by the police, which simply… disappeared. The best was yet to come, as officers explained the phenomenon to their superiors by stating that the 495 kilos of weed had been eaten by rats.

This week, thankfully we have an update on the situation. A federal report came out, shocking the investigators by alleging that it wasn’t 495 kilos that had vanished…  but rather, 850 kilos. Wait, what?

The report also quotes Carlos Alberto Galliari, a rodents specialist at the CONICET: “Several studies seem to reject the improbable hypotheses that rats would have eaten the amount of missing narcotics. If we consider that a rat eats around 15 grams of food every day, to eat 800 kilos would have meant that thousands of them were at work, for months, not to mention that there would have been a lot of deaths at the first ingestion.”

Loosing 495 kilos of marijuana is one thing, loosing 850 is another (Photo via Ambito)
Loosing 495 kilos of marijuana is one thing, loosing 850 is another (Photo via Ambito)


Following the report, Judge Adrian Gonzales Charvay moved to – shockingly, I know – indict those involved. The General Authority of Internal Affairs had already suspended the eight accused agents, including three commissioners and an official inspector.

The Security Minister of Buenos Aires province also appointed the new commissioner for the case, José Luis Zalazar.

According to many sources, who spoke to Ambito Financiero, the 800 kilos of pot did not even reach the warehouse but disappeared before that, probably during transit, to enter the circuit of illegal commercialization. These testimonies were brought to the authorities and explained in detail who and how certain individiduals were involved in the case.

According to experts, the quality of the marijuana was first-class, cataloged as “punto rojo” because of its high concentration of cannabinol. This kind of marijuana, usually sold for US$ 10,000/kilo would have thus earned the criminals US $8 million, which is a pretty good return on investment. Surely, for this amount one could probably buy the silence of a couple of people, which is going to complicate the progression of the case.

There is a silver lining in this story, however. It will probably be easier to obtain confessions from the drug smugglers than to get any rats to admit their involvement in drug trafficking…

Who knows, maybe it was the rat's mafia after all... (Photo via Pinterest)
Who knows, maybe it was the rats mafia after all… (Photo via Pinterest)