Watch your back, Doug Stamper's in town. Photo via WhatCulture

Stop what you are doing and get yourself to the nearest Farmacity: House of Cards‘ Doug Stamper has been spotted in Buenos Aires. That’s right, everyone’s favorite reformed alcoholic-come-political-adviser is blessing la ciudad de la furia with his presence, and he’s been spotted in a pharmacy near you! This is officially #dougwatch2k16

“Doug Stamper?” What have you been doing for the past three years?! Doug Stamper is Frank Underwood’s righthand man and Chief of Staff on the show House of Cards. It’s on Netflix, see you in three days.

His alter ego, the actor Michael Kelly, is in town to promote the fourth season of the hit show, which chronicles the dark rise to power of a US politician. If you want to get a photo with him that will get you the most Instagram likes ever, you can stalk the usual haunts. Set up a tent in Recoleta Cemetery, I’m sure he’ll wander by eventually.

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Celebrities, just like us! via Twitter

One person who won’t be fangirling is our President Mauricio Macri, who has made it very clear that House of Cards is just like, way too mainstream.  He’s saving his enthusiasm for a visit from the Danish cast of Borgen.