Photo via La Nación

Trump is on a roll. In the past two weeks the new president of the United States has met with leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It looks like Argentina’s  President Mauricio Macri will soon join in on the trend. Let’s hope Macri has time to practice his handshake.

Trump called his old golf buddy Macri and set up a possible visit to the White House in May, coordinating the trip for when Macri will be leaving the country on state visits to Japan and China. The pair has already met though, having done business together in the 90s.

The Argentine Government said the call was “very cordial.” The two leaders talked about topics that were more “general” in nature, but they made on important point about Venezuela.

This week the Trump administration issued sanctions against Venezuela and Trump appears to now be looking to Macri to be a “leader” in the region as the crisis in Venezuela continues.

The last time Trump and Macri spoke was shortly after Trump won the general elections when Macri called to congratulate him. Since then they have issued statements saying they both looking forward to working together and creating a stronger relationship between Argentina and the US.