Shitty Games is at it again.

Several days ago, a dolphin was tragically killed at the Santa Teresita beach in Buenos Aires Province after tourists removed if from the water to take selfies with it. This received national attention and sparked global outrage, so naturally, Shitty Games made a video game out of the incident.

The game, Eggo, is an 8-bit video game developed by the company in which the objective is to take as many selfies with the dolphin before it dies. Lovely, right?


Further taking a stab at the incident as well as the ensuing outrage, at the end of the video game (once the dolphin’s a goner), a truckload of cows is brought out and unceremoniously slaughtered. Let’s just say the message is clear.

Well played Shitty games, well played.

Oh, and whether out of curiosity or entertainment, you can click here to play.