Get ready for an amazing ride, Australia; there is a new Artist in town.

In just 12 months, Maico Camilo has been able to create a sensational collection of work, help build up the brand that is “Camilo Art Studio” & is already selling globally.

There are many international Artists who have become successful off the back of a significant education & Art Degree, creating inspiration from qualification. Just as importantly, there are Artists who have become highly renowned worldwide, off the back of their own “self taught” education & inspiration. Maico Camilo firmly & proudly belongs to the latter category.

Born & bred in Florianopolis, Brazil, Camilo has set about challenging himself to see the world & through those experiences, begin to build a fascination for the different approaches to architecture, painting & other mediums, that the different cultures have produced. He has visited the much wondrous old architecture throughout Europe, visited the classical Art Galleries of Europe & South & Central America & more recently developed an appreciation of the cultural arts of both New Zealand & Australia.

Over the course of the last 7 years, Camilo has researched & experimented with several different techniques, settling on a couple of specific techniques that he most enjoys: the use of oil & acrylic, & the use of plastering techniques. He has also found most rewarding the ‘knifing technique’ of painting, more so than traditional brush.

Through trial & error, he has developed a highly attuned skill for combining the plastering & knifing techniques, to create some quite extraordinary collections. He has created a love for ‘a landscape based abstract interpretation’ (for example, his “Sydney Collection” which focuses on interpretations of the Sydney city landscapes, & his “Autumn in Subtle Colors Collection” which creates in the mind of the viewer an image of an autumn scene, even though this remains intangible), as well as a truly ‘contemporary mind based abstract interpretation’ (such as his “Eye,” “Purple Rain,” & “Serendipity” Sets).

His approach to his work is considered & instinctive at the same time.

“At first, I find myself sitting back, conceptualizing an idea, building a theme in my mind,” says Camilo. “I simply have to take my time, sometimes sitting quietly within my home, or walking around the streets of Sydney. I do not necessarily ‘see’ the streets, but in some intangible way, walking around helps me more definitively form my concepts into a tangible idea.”

The process then takes a life of its own.

“Once I am ready, the painting process can be incredibly fast,” he reflects. “I start to build a base for the painting & then create the critical layers that bring the idea to life. Sometimes, I can quite literally form the basis of the painting in a day, simply then coming back to it in small stages, adding & enhancing the foundation of the piece. Or, I can find myself getting so far & then I need to pull back & literally step back from the painting process. Sometimes I need to get away from it, walk the streets again, & suddenly I know I have re-found the inspiration & the painting then takes it final form.”

The Eye Collection really highlights Camilo’s own technique & how the painting comes together.

“The plastering is the first process, whereby I craft the lines & etchings that will form the character in the piece. In the case of The Eye Collection, the plastering helps form the human layering that occurs around the eyes. You can see how the plaster helps accentuate the typical human lines of laughing, worry, sadness & wisdom. The painting process then allows me to bring to life that character in each piece. The Eye Collection is for the most part quite dramatic in its coloring, mirror imaging the power of our eyes, what we see in our lives & how it affects us. Hopefully, the end result is a collection that really makes you reflect on your life, what you have seen & how it has molded your beliefs & assumptions. In 2 cases, the Eye Collection delves into a rather deep, dark & daring view of our lives, while the other one pulls back from that & represents a more mellow, reserved & philosophical view of life.”

At first a reluctant Artist, Camilo is now enjoying interacting with others & hearing their views on his work.

“There is no doubt it takes some time to get used to hearing other peoples’ views of your work,” he laughs. “It is difficult not to take some of the criticism personally, but after a while, as you gain more confidence & peace in your own work, you become more objective & emotionally less attached to those views. Ultimately, it helps you define what you stand for in your art & how you want to move forward with your work.”

There is one thing for sure – with the growing interest in his work, the Camilo Art Studio is not about to slip away into the sunset.

To view Maico Camilo’s work in detail, visit the Camilo Art Studio website – where you can also contact the Art Studio direct. One of the Agents representing Camilo’s work will be in contact.