Photo by Aaron M. Jones for Paxahau

Looking for Friday night plans? If techno is your thing then get down to Crobar to witness a monumental night. Berlin DJ extraordinaire and producer Ben Klock, is set to take club goers on a magical musical journey throughout the night into the early hours.

Standing at the forefront of today’s techno scene Ben Klock has been bopping around for many years. Amongst other accolades, he won the BBC’s Essential Mix of the Year award in 2015 and has had a residence at the world-renowned Berghain since its early days. An old decommissioned power station, the Berghain hosts legendary nights that regularly run for more than 24 hours. You can buy a Kindle book about the Berghain, yes a book, about it here.

A busy man, Klock runs his own label, Klockworks (founded in 2006) and is no stranger to jetting off near or far. Last year he clocked up, no pun intended, over 30 different countries on his travels. This performance will mark Klock’s seventh Argentine appearance since 2010, playing for the last four years on the trot. Not one to perform only in huge venues, he also focuses on smaller scale locations creating an intimate relationship with the crowd. If you’re a techno fan it’s hard to stress how big of a treat this is and definitely not one to pass up.

Berlin Techno

Filtered over from its birth land of Detroit in the 80s, techno fizzled into Berlin before the fall of the wall, thanks to pioneers such as musical legends, Kraftwerk. Following reunification East Berlin saw more than a third of their buildings abandoned. These derelict buildings created spaces that catered to a punk culture which imbibed squatters and ravers alike, igniting the perfect hub for the techno scene. This collective energy created an environment of acceptance and freedom. A movement of the environment not the masses. 

“What was important for the techno scene was this attitude that you explore spaces and think about spaces in terms of possibilities. That’s where the Berlin techno scene got its attitude from.” said DJ and writer Tobiass Rapp.


Friday, 3rd February, 23:55PM onwards


Crobar (Avenida Cnel. Marcelino E. Freyre)

How much

AR $400

You can get a ticket here.