Photo via La Nacion

District attorney Anabel Orozco presented a medical note issued by a traumatologist specifying the need for a 10 day rest period earlier in November. Not long after, the attorney packed her bags and hopped on the next plane to Brazil for a girls’ getaway – according to MDZ Online.

However, her meticulous cover-up didn’t end there; during her stay in Brazil, she made sure to present a second medical note for a ‘relapse’ of acute lower back pain, which recommended a further 10 days rest.

Everything was going great, until someone back home saw a photo of her on Facebook – not injured and having what looks like a lovely time. The Attorney General’s Office announced this Wednesday, that Dr. Maria Mercedes Moya from Capital’s Fiscal Unit initiated a criminal investigation into the case of Orozco and if it is indeed found that the medical notes were forged, Orozco could find herself in quite a bit of trouble. Things could then get even worse if the medical professional who signed the notes for a non-existent illness is brought into the equation.

Both external and internal (within the firm) investigations into the case have been initiated; although rather substantial evidence is currently standing against Orozco given that just three days after handing in her note, she uploaded a picture of herself with friends in Brazil onto Facebook.

To top it off, the second medical note somewhat loses credibility when revealed it was issued from 3,000km away.