The timing couldn’t be more perfect: as an investigations is launched into President Mauricio Macri’s implication in the notorious Panama Papers scandal, Argentine Ambassador to Panama Miguel del Sel today announced that as of July 2nd, there will be four direct flights to Panama from the city of Rosario in Santa Fe Province. Any takers?

“I arrived [to Argentina] and the good news broke: Copa Airlines will fly to Rosario starting July 2nd. There will be Rosario-Panama [flights] four times a week,” said Del Sel in a radio interview.

He added that he hoped that those who went to Panama wouldn’t do so to create offshore companies, but to “do business.” Thanks for clarifying, Miguel.

Del Sel is a comedian-turned-politician from Santa Fe Province who’s made a name for himself for his terrible misogynistic sense of humor. While campaigning for Santa Fe governor, he famously tells a group of workers to prepare the asado and he’ll “bring the hookers” (one of his more mild “jokes” when it comes to all things machista). But clearly, we can see he hasn’t lost his sense of comedic timing with this latest Panama flight stunt.

The Panama Papers refer to the 11.5 million leaked documents from the Panama-based firm Mossack Fonseca that reveal confidential goings-on in the realm of tax evasion and shady financial activities of the world’s elite. Macri’s name appears as the director of an offshore company called Fleg Trading Ltd and as vice president of another called Kagemusha. The government has officially stated that the companies belonged to Macri’s father, Franco Macri, and that there were no registered transactions from which Macri could have profited.