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The investigation surrounding Alberto Nisman’s death has turned towards determining whether Diego Lagomarsino, who lent Nisman his gun, had a set of keys to Nisman’s apartment in Le Parc towers in Puerto Madero.

This line of investigation was suggested by Nisman’s ex-partner, Judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, on Monday. Without officially accusing Lagomarsino, Arroyo Salgado allegedly suggested that his relationship with Nisman was much closer than he claimed and that there was even a degree of “mutual trust” that goes so far as to suggest that they could have had common economical interests.

Arroyo Salgado described an episode in which Lagomarsino entered Nisman’s apartment without the prosecutor being present. Although it is not clear exactly how Lagomarsino accessed the apartment, the suggestion that he may have had a set of keys to Nisman’s apartment further complicates the story surrounding Nisman’s death.

Judicial sources claim that Arroyo Salgado never said that “Nisman was murdered for money”, nor did she postulate an “economic motive” as the cause of Nisman’s supposed “murder”. However, she did indicate the possibility of an economic link between Nisman and Lagomarsino which went beyond the contract the technician had with Nisman’s office.

Two days ago, the judge in charge of the case, Fabiana Palmaghini, ordered a raid on Lagomarsino’s house at the plaintiff’s request. In the Martínez apartment, the Police found clothes, hard drive batteries, CDs and DVDs, the memory card of a camera and various computer parts. According to sources from La Nación, they did not find any documents linked to Nisman.