Photo via La Nación

Fans of Argentine football can still watch first division games for free on open access television, but not for much longer. After eight years, and over AR$ 10 billion spent and more than a few controversies, the Macri administration put an end to the state-sponsored Fútbol para Todos program at the end of June.

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) sold the first division’s TV rights to a joint venture between two American media companies Fox and Turner, which, in order to facilitate the transition and give time to people to buy the service, decided to continue broadcasting the service for free until September 30.

Slowly but steadily, that date is creeping up on sports fans, and TV operators — Cablevisión, Multicanal, for example — have begun offering so-called “packs” to watch the games. Turner will start offering this service on August 20, when the new first division tournament is set to begin.

Everyone who’s got cable will be able to watch all games in the tournament until September 30, but those who get the pack before then will access a better quality image and the coverage that TNT Sports — the channel that Turner will introduce — and Fox Sports Premium will provide. The joint venture has already started advertising it on social media.

It’s still unknown how the service will be provided after September 30. So far, it has been confirmed that the conglomerate will broadcast four games on basic cable. In order to access the rest — which will surely be the most relevant matches of every weekend — people will have to pony up and spend an estimated AR $300 a month.

In March, news surfaced that the media giants are also keen to introduce what they have dubbed the ‘Netflix of football‘, which will allow subscribers to watch matches via the internet on TV, smartphones and tablets. Although this would not come into effect until the end of the year, the fee would be around AR $600 per month.