Photo via Le Matin

As actors go, Gérard Depardieu is certainly well versed in the art of drinking wine. So much so, that his keen partaking in the ‘hobby’ has landed him in quite a bit of controversy over the years. Incidents include: urinating on a plane carpet back in 2011, packing up and moving camp to Russia after getting a DUI from falling off his scooter and being kicked out of France in 2013 – to name but a few.

However, it seems Argentina’s wine doesn’t quite meet the French actor’s standards. Considering the Oscar-nominee boasted about a 14-bottle-a-day habit a couple of years ago, one is inclined to take such a critique rather to heart given his evidently experienced palate.

Depardieu, in an interview with La Nación, says that he finds “Argentine wines a little heavy” and that he thinks of sipping on Argentine wine akin to drinking ‘a kind of jam’. It was due to this that the actor decided to sell the 5.7 acres of malbec growing turf he had in Mendoza. Unfortunately, Argentina has not provided him with what he had hoped to find – merely: ‘a kind of light chardonnay, at 12C°’ – is it too much to ask?!

Depardieu in one of his most iconic roles: Cyrano de Bergerac. (Photo via La Nacion)
Depardieu in one of his most iconic roles: Cyrano de Bergerac. (Photo via La Nacion)

Depardieu – who has featured in almost 200 films since 1967 – had last been in Argentina in October filming ‘Sólo Se Vive Una Vez’ (‘You Only Live Once’), Federico Cueva’s Spanish-Argentine debut, alongside Santiago Segura, Peter Lanzani and China Suárez – among others. The actor is now due to return to Buenos Aires for his two nights at Teatro Colón, where audiences will witness him breathe life back into some old favorite characters. However, before his highly anticipated return, the actor’s critique of Argentina didn’t seem to want to stop at wine.

In fact, ‘speaking of culture’, Depardieu stated that during his last 10-day stay here, he couldn’t stomach ‘more than 5 minutes’ of Argentine television: ‘I think it’s the worst television I’ve ever seen. Actually, it’s not television: it’s pornography.’

In a perhaps slightly more baffling statement, Depardieu went on to say of the Argentine people: ‘It is very gratifying to live among Argentines, who are charming and seem very happy. Although someone told me that the young women here prefer to marry Spanish men.’ Sounds like a well thought-out and researched statement to us!

Depardieu will be performing at Teatro Colón on the 17th and 18th December. Hopefully his stay this time around will be more accommodating to his tastes.