He's basically a mosquito magnet. Go dry off, man. Photo via http://appaddict.net/

Tired of waking up with bug bites and wondering if you’ve finally contracted dengue fever? 

Fear not! There’s an app for that.

Move over Google Maps, Grindr and Waze: there’s a new kid on the block with a GPS. San Luis Province’s Ministry of Science and Technology unveiled an application called Barrio Sin Dengue (“Neighborhood Without Dengue”) that allows you to chart mosquito-infected areas and presumably avoid them.

Most of you are probably already familiar with GPS-location based apps like Tinder (which has caused a whole different kind of epidemic on its own) which extract geographical information through satellite technology to pinpoint mobile users’ whereabouts and location. So users passing by an orgy of mosquitoes in places like open bodies of water or sewage can hop on to barriosindengue.gob.arg or the optimized app and report those little buggers.

The objective is that these reports will help sanitation authorities control these breeding grounds and curb the spread of the virus. These pesky bugs have already developed incredible defenses of their own (they’re resistant to fumigants now), so the Argentine government will need all the help it can get.

Health Minister Jorge Lemus officially declared dengue an epidemic back in January, and numbers of people contracting the disease have only skyrocketed since then. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dengue is a fever-causing illness that is contracted through an infected bite from the Aedes aegypti  mosquito, which also carries Zika.

Alas not everyone can be as technologically sophisticated as me so if you prefer the old-fashioned way to keeping yourself virus free, check out these home remedies and just say no to mosquitoes, just like you would to an unwanted Tinder advance. Because we all know that’s so effective.

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