Photo via Expediente Politico.

Our favorite ultra-Kirchnerite, bigot and anti-Semite Luis D’Elía is at it again, this time turning to racial slurs to rile us up: yesterday, the former sub-secretary of housing referred to an photo of the Pope, dressed in white, standing between Michelle and Barack Obama, both dressed in black, as “a chocolate oreo cookie.”

Predictably, citizens across the board called the former piquetero out on the not only inappropriate but terribly offensive comment.

Photo via Infobae.
Photo via Infobae.

D’Elía was referring to the image’s color palate (which is already racist) and may not even be aware of other possible racial connotations — the expression is especially foul in the US, where the photo was taken, since it denotes someone who “appears black” but “acts white” — whatever the hell that even means.

After the public outcry, the controversial social leader quickly denied any intent to use the term racially.

Not one to back down, he stuck to his guns and even went so far as to tweet:

Una galletita OREO de chocolate (Tenes q tener mierda en la cabeza para ver en esta dulce-frase-foto discriminacion)

— Luis D’Elia (@Luis_Delia) September 23, 2015

“An oreo chocolate cookie (You’d have to have shit for brains to see discrimination in this sweet phrase and photo).”

D’Elía is far from new to Twitter-induced controversy and is no stranger to a slew of unfunny, uncomfortable and wildly offensive “jokes.” Previously, he has attacked politicians’ girlfriends using their sex lives as material for his offensives.

He has also raised eyebrows for his close ties with the Iranian government and he was accused by the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman of being involved in an international conspiracy to clear Iran of its alleged involvement in the 1994 AMIA bombing earlier this year (the accusation was dismissed in court though.)

The Pope’s visit to the US will continue through the week and conclude Sunday, September 27.

Let’s see if D’Elía can set our hearts racing again (in the worst way possible, of course).