ARA San Juan in 2007 (Wikipedia)

The submarine ARA San Juan disappeared in November and since then, more than 100 family members of those who went missing have been waiting for answers.

This week, they sent a letter to President Mauricio Macri and Defense Minister Oscar Aguad, requesting their “urgent” presence at the military complex as the “highest representatives of the Argentine Navy.” They asked the officials to “clarify incongruities and inconsistencies in relation to the actions of all the parties involved in the search operation of the missing submarine.”

Aguad met with the families at the Naval Base at Mar de Plata.

“He said yes to the all the requests we made,” María Itatí Leguizamón, the wife of San Juan’s sonarist Germán Suárez, told Infobae. Each crew member’s family met with Aguad individually and read him a series of questions. The two main points: continue the search and dispatch more ships to the operatives. Aguad agreed to both, saying that he would do “everything necessary.”

A few days ago, the family members warned that if the government did not take action soon, they would mobilize in front of the Casa Rosada. However, they seem to be satisfied with the action the government is taking.

“We won this battle, because it took a lot to achieve this meeting, because of all the families that did not give up,” Itatí Leguizamón said.