Photo via Día A Día

In the last 24 hours new death threats made to President Mauricio Macri and Vice President Gabriela Michetti have come to light in what is being seen as somewhat of a trend. The government is currently “on alert” and taking new security measures while the threats themselves are gaining a lot of media attention.

Michetti’s death threat came in the form of a voice message left on the SUMA foundation telephone yesterday:

“You’d better buy yourself an armored car, like Macri, because you’re going to fly through the air [referring to an explosion]. You’re a real bitch, you and all of [the government].”

Michetti is currently in the Dominican Republic representing Macri at the inauguration of the country’s new President Danilo Medina.

The remark made reference to the fact that Macri will be traveling in an armored car in the future after an incident last week in Mar del Plata where people threw stones at the vehicle he and Buenos Aires Province Governor María Eugenia Vidal were traveling in.

However, these two incidents are far from isolated. Last night, police in Mendoza Province arrested a man for making threats to Macri in 911 calls before the President was set to arrive in said province this morning for a ceremony. The man repeated the words of Michetti’s threats by saying that “he’ll fly through the air” after asking whether or not the conversation was being recorded (they told him it wasn’t). Police raided the man’s house and found nothing suspicious, but he is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Between occurrences like this, the telephone threats made on Macri’s home in Barrio Norte and two 21 year olds threatening to bomb the Casa Rosada on a fake Twitter account a week beforehand, the government is currently heightening its monitoring of phone calls and social media deemed threatening to officials. The Security Ministry apparently believes the threats are politically motivated:

“What is the political [form of] understanding [the incidents]? There is a group linked to Kirchnerism, not all of Kirchnerism, but a group linked to the former President [Cristina Fernández de Kirchner] — who takes such a radical stance every day — that replaces the language of democracy […] for stones, aggression and the attempt to ensure that wherever the President goes there is a group that follows him around and prevents him from performing his duties,” said Patricia Bullrich on the political TV show La Cornisa, where she also revealed that Macri would be traveling in an armored car in future.

Michetti herself tweeted that, “Everything that’s happening are part of the same thing. They’re onslaughts on the change that [the government] wants to carry out. But the Argentine people has decided to embark on a path of reparation, peace and cooperation that we will not let up [on].”

However, in an interview with Big Bang News, former Security Minister Nilda Garré stated that the current administration is not facing a “dangerous organization,” saying that it is instead “play[ing] the victim.” The Mar del Plata incident “was [something] that happens to unpopular Presidents or those who implement unpopular policies.”

However, she did say that it was important to investigate who was behind the incidents and that she could not recall similar incidents occurring during her tenure as Security Minister, making for a “new” trend in security (presumably because the government is allegedly so unpopular).