Former Planning Minister Julio De Vido is on the verge of losing his job as a National Deputy. The members of the Cambiemos coalition and the caucus led by Deputy Sergio Massa in the Committee of Constitutional Affairs in Congress reached an agreement today afternoon to approve a formal motion to remove him from the Lower House of Deputies.

After an intense and lengthy debate, the lawmakers in favor decided to put off the formal signing of the decision until next Tuesday, in order to call De Vido to testify in front of the committee before then. The former minister sent the committee a written statement today, claiming to be the victim of a “systematic, unfair and organized persecution.”

Once it has the committee’s approval, the motion will be sent to the floor the next day, where two-thirds of the deputies present at the session will have to vote in favor of the motion to get De Vido removed from office.

Predictably, the Victory Front (FpV) firmly opposed the initiative, but couldn’t do more than that as the other camps got the necessary amount of votes to move forwards without them.

National Deputy and co-founder of the Cambiemos coalition Elisa “Lilita” Carrió spearheaded the motion. She requested to expel De Vido for “moral inability,” citing more than 100 open cases and five indictments on his record, the most relevant one being the 2012 Once railway tragedy, in which 51 people were killed and 789 injured. In the latest case that put him in – even more – hot water, De Vido was  charged with diverting and embezzling millions of pesos from the country’s carbon resource operations as Planning Minister under ex-President Cristina Kirchner.