Daniel Scioli addressed the country shortly after 9:30 PM to congratulate his rival Mauricio Macri on his victory and graciously admit defeat.

“The people have elected a new President, Mauricio Macri, who I just congratulated over the phone,” opened Scioli.

“As of now I will work from wherever I can to defend an idea, a project that started 12 years ago and seemed unreachable,” continued Scioli, joined by running mate Carlos Zannini and wife Karina Rabolini.

After thanking the people who voted for him, the runner-up recalled of the current administration’s achievements.

“I want to thank the activists’ support, those who backed us up because they believe in our vision for the country. A country that has been reborn with entrepreneurial strength, that is industrialized, a country that we leave to someone who has the enormous task to take the relay with the lowest unemployment rate in many years, with the lowest level of foreign debt since 1976.”

“A country that has made education a fundamental pillar for social inclusion, generating uncountable opportunities for young people facing the future. A country that has made science and technology a state policy, with scientists who have returned to our country to contribute to the nation’s development,” he continued.

Scioli wished Macri to have a fruitful administration.

“People have chosen an alternative. Let’s hope God enlightens him so we can build on what we have already achieved, for all Argentines’ sake.”

He also showed willingness to work for a smooth transition within Buenos Aires Province, which he will hand over to María Eugenia Vidal on December 10.

“I’m going to work to put the Argentine flag at the top, as I have my entire life. I will have a service vocation until I draw my last breath, to help those who need it the most. Those who need the state next to them,” finished Scioli.