Photo via Bandwagon

It appears bigmouth struck again after Morrissey’s stupid (and apparently final) defense of Hollywood behemoth Kevin Spacey has cost him more than just his reputation. Argentina’s own Daniel Grinbank, owner of four radio stations, his own record label, and the brains behind next month’s Festival BUE, has declined an offer to produce a show for the The Smiths’ ex-frontman next year.

News broke following a tweet from Grinbank’s personal Twitter account:

“My company has canceled an offer we made Morrissey to play in BA next year having certified that his statements to the Spiegel Online (a German media company) condoning Kevin Spacey and acts of pedophilia were true. We are not interested in producing this type of artists with these values,” he said.

Morrissey found himself in the eye of the storm after addressing the controversy surrounding Kevin Spacey’s sexual advances on then 14-year-old actor, Anthony Rapp, in an interview with German magazine Spiegel Online earlier this month. The singer defended Spacey saying that he was “unnecessarily attacked.”

“When you are in somebody’s bedroom… you have to be aware of where that can lead to,” he said.

Grinbank’s decision not to associate his business with artists who share these values is a refreshing take at a time when so much of the news revolves around another cherished talent being exposed as a sexual predator and when trending on Twitter usually means either you or your reputation is dead.