Dakar is coming to Buenos Aires this weekend, and for many it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness motor-racing at a world-class level. But for those who live in the City, it is just another traffic complication to add to their list. For anyone in the Buenos Aires this weekend, the rally will not pass quietly when it arrives to town for its final award ceremony. For the event itself a series of programs are scheduled in Recoleta from Friday to Sunday.

As in the previous rallies, to allow enough space for the competitors and their teams, the City Government has closed sections of avenida Libertador and the streets next to the building of the Automóvil Club Argentino (ACA), where the highly anticipated final race will occur tomorrow at 5pm and awards will be given to the winners.

From now until 8pm on Sunday partial blocks will be set up on Libertador between Pereyra Lucena and Tagle, Tagle and Pueyrredón, and on Tagle between Figueroa Alcorta and Las Heras respectively.

Tomorrow and Sunday until one in the morning there will be total blocks on Libertador between Coronel Díaz and Pueyrredon, on Austria between Las Heras and Figueroa Alcorta, and on Ortiz de Ocampo between Cerviño and Zenteno.

Finally, Sunday will see a partial block on Libertador between Pereyra Lucena and Tagle.


The street most affected by the rally is Avenida del Libertador where traffic has been piling up since the early hours of the morning, even though the vehicle restrictions don’t come into effect until later in the night on Friday. In the last working day of the week, the delays are beginning to take their toll, and this will last all weekend, especially en rush-hour.

The Dakar rally is the most important rally in the world and in its 39 years has visited 29 countries. It is one of the biggest motoring events in the world — second only to Formula 1. For the last nine years, organizers have included different parts of Argentina on its tour, and the award ceremony has taken place in Buenos Aires for the last five.

This year will be the first time, however, that winners of the 9 thousand kilometer race receive their medals in the gates of the ACA.