After dealing with over a week without power La Plata based university professor, Pablo Blesa waltzed into the offices of his electricity provider, EDELAP, dressed in his bathing suite. It looks like  ten days without power or water was enough to push Blesa into action. Crossing half the city in your swimmers seemed a small price to pay to get one’s demands noticed.

“Good afternoon, where is the bathroom?” questioned Blesa to stunned staff at the offices. Keeping his inability to shower strictly his own problem didn’t seem to yield the desired results. His solution – take bath time to the offices behind the problem.

With the story quickly gaining attention and hitting social media, wheels were promptly set in motion. Company employees arrived hours later at his house to fix the problem; a transformer was changed and power was soon back up and running.

“It seems that if you don’t make noise, no-one will hear you” said Blesa to Infobae.