Today Crónica’s Twitter account was allegedly hacked. Or maybe it was just a disgruntled employee. The language is unclear. Or maybe the Community Manager got his personal and professional accounts mixed up and ended up tweeting a very offensive comment against President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

For those of you who are not aware, Crónica is the standard bearer of the yellow press in Argentina. It’s (intentionally) crass, offensive and fun to read. It’s social media policy is even worse (meaning funnier) with community managers taking the paper’s “equal opportunity offender” policy to the extremes. ¿Politically incorrectness? That’s for pussies. We’re talking misogyny, racism and subtle jokes about penises (millions and millions of hashtags reading #suckonthis when talking about girls trying to make it in show business.) Oh, no but it’s all in good fun! And to be honest, they are the first ones to laugh at themselves.

However, many failed to find the humor in the following tweet today:


“Fuck President Cristina. Daughter of a thousand whores. Lost decade.”

The tweet – which has now been deleted – wasn’t very nice. Especially towards the President (I will not get into a debate about how to translate “me cago en” or “hija de mil putas,” just deal with it.) The tweet immediately went viral, with people mocking the (probable) fact that the Community Manager had mixed up his accounts and ended posting a personal appreciation on Cronica’s official Twitter account.

If we were living in a country like, say ,the United States, we would have seen a public apology by now and the company would have quietly retreated while trying to handle the PR disaster in the best way possible. But this is Argentina, and it’s also Crónica, so the Community Manager tasked with cleaning up after the mess solved the whole thing in four simple tweets.

#Jackals (they call their readers “jackals”), obviously you’ve seen our account was momentarily seized and some nonsense was tweeted.


[UPDATE] The following tweets were deleted for some reason. It sucks, since I thought they were awesome. This is what they said: 



I have a confession to make. I was waiting for this to happen (Aha! So the disgruntled employee theory gains strength!). But I’d like to say something to the person who did this: #LTA* dude, you’re never getting in here again, you son of a bitch. We move forward.



Anway, we’d like to apologize to those who were offended or surprised by this. We are investigating this incident (then again, if there’s an “investigation” being conducted it was probably just a hacker.)

And to the losers who say I’m losing my job over this or #BlaBlaBla, let me tell you that mine is #VeryLong**. Try again next time.


There. Case closed, motherfuckers. Nothing else to discuss. Read and learn, United States. Read and learn.


* LTA: Short for “La Tienen Adentro,” (Literally “it’s inside of you”). A phrase said by football superstar Diego Maradona to sports journalist “Toti” Pasman during a press conference after he managed to beat all odds and Argentina qualified to the 2010 World Cup. Passman had been criticizing Maradona’s performance as a coach, and in retaliation, a victorious Maradona compared the fact that he was wrong to getting fucked. So yes. A penis joke.

** #VeryLong: He’s talking about the size of his penis. So yes. Another penis joke.