Photo via La Noticia 1

In an ironic Twitter rant thanking the Macri administration for “being concerned about her safety,” former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner accused the government of putting her under police surveillance while she was in the City of Buenos Aires this week. This morning, it was revealed that last night federal police agents removed a security camera that had been installed near her home in the neighborhood of Recoleta. Interpret as you will.

“I want to thank the administration for being concerned about the neighborhood’s safety and mine in particular, for following our every move in the City,” Cristina tweeted, adding that she’d been followed by a motorcycle when moving around Buenos Aires. She also shared the name, email and phone number of the police officer who allegedly installed the camera with her more than 4.5 million followers.

Shortly thereafter, Defense Minister Patricia Bullrich also took to Twitter to tell Cristina the safety measures were all routine practice when it came to the safety of high-profile personalities:

“Dear former president: the same security operation was carried out during the visit of [US President Barack] Obama. These are safety rules to take care of the investiture [someone with her caliber].”

However, today the Twitter account @CasaRosada 2003-2015 — which, as you might recall, used to be the State’s official account before the previous Kirchner administration refused to hand over the password to the Macri’s incoming administration — posted a photo of police officers taking down the camera. This could either be because of the accusations or due to the fact that the former President is set to return to her home in Santa Cruz Province today at 10 PM.

“[NOW] after @CFKArgentina denounced having been put under surveillance, Federal Police are removing the cameras.”

Cristina was in the City of Buenos Aires this week to be notified her assets had been seized for AR $15 million in the context of her prosecution in the “Future Dollars” Case. She ended up being pretty busy: