While speaking at an event in Santiago del Estero and sharing a few anecdotes about Raúl Alfonsín, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner suggested, as many in her party have been doing lately, the idea of moving the Capital of Argentina to another province.

It was former Radical President Raúl Alfonsín who, back in the 80’s, suggested a similar idea of decentralizing the country by shifting the Capital to Viedma, Río Negro. Cristina said that back then both she and her husband Néstor Kirchner supported the idea, which was passed by the Lower House but died on the Senate floor. The Lower House president, Julián Domínguez, who was also present at the event in Santiago del Estero (and intends to run for president next year,) proposed moving the capital to Northern Argentina in the recent past as well.

While Cristina’s proposal is not new, this time it involves moving the capital to a more central area of the country instead of the far North or the South (like Viedma.) Cristina urged all Argentines to “seriously consider the idea as a strategic step for Argentina.”

Cristina then commented that a survey of the public opinion about this initiative “would not be helpful.” She predicted that “80 or 90 percent will be against and 10 percent will be in favor,” and asserted that the most prominent leaders of Argentina have never made their decisions about projects like this based on the results of a survey. “If (José de) San Martín had inquired whether or not he should cross the Andes mountains, he would have received a negative response.”

The President also made reference to the vulture funds conflict during the event and encouraged the public to “have faith in finding a solution to the conflict.”. She assured that the Government of Argentina is right, adding that “she has a lot of faith in God, in our strength, in our convictions, in that we are right in the position we have taken,” Cristina concluded reminding the audience that Argentina is “a country that has a long history of permanent debt.”