Things have been pretty heavy for Cristina over the past few weeks, what with prosecutor Nisman threatening to reveal her (alleged) role in the AMIA bombing coverup and certain parts of the Argentine public turning on her after his (alleged) suicide.

Naturally then, in an attempt to alleviate the mounting pressure on her shoulders by lightening the mood, she took the piss out of one of the world’s greatest superpowers, China.

The beleaguered president is currently visiting China in an official capacity, aiming to increase economic ties between the two countries. However, today’s tweets, which unabashedly mock the Chinese accent, are unlikely to improve relations.

Cristina mimicked the accent, changing the “r”s in Cámpora, arroz and petróleo. In an age where political correctness normally leads to hastily deleted tweets and forced apologies, the president refused to back down and stuck to her racist guns to the bitter end. She followed the controversial tweet with a justification…

…which translates as:

“Sorry. You know what? It’s just that the ridiculousness and absurdity is so high, that it can only be coped with through humor. If not, it’s very, very toxic.”

Responses to the ill-judged joke have been varied, with much of the international press leaping to label it racist. Famously xenophobic British paper The Daily Mail didn’t see the funny side…

The Argentine press reaction didn’t condemn the tweet, but similarly it is far from being hailed as hilarious.

Similarly, the story has made no waves in the Chinese press, with official government news agency Xinhua neglecting to report on it all.

Some Chinese residents took to national social-media network Weibo, because Twitter is blocked, with a variety of responses.  One user joked “Even the Argentine president knows Chinese people can’t differentiate between their R’s and L’s?”

Another, not quite such a bundle of fun, raged “During the Argentine president’s visit she made a very offensive joke at our expense. Is she tired of living?” Ouch.