Photo via De La Madrid

Yesterday afternoon, outgoing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner invited her once-hopeful successor Daniel Scioli and running mate Carlos Zannini to her presidential residences, la Quinta de Olivos, for a cheeky catch up. Although little was revealed of said reunion, Zannini later went on record to say the overall result is “positive” for the Victory Front (FpV), given that practically half the country still supports it.

The presidential helicopter landed at Cristina’s doorstep a little after 6 PM and after an hour or so, it departed, taking Scioli and co. with it.

General Secretary to the President and Vice-President, Eduardo De Pedro, was also present.

The short but sweet encounter (the sweet part is, admittedly, only speculation, but hey) has been kept pretty hush hush and there have been no official declarations or photos of the meeting itself.

Post-encounter, Zannini did have a few things to say to the press, however.

He called the election results a “positive” result for the FpV given that after 12 years of rule, almost half of the population still voted to keep Kirchnerism alive (the FpV received 48.6 percent of votes to Cambiemos’ 51.4 percent). The figures reflect the “two countries” within Argentina, he said: one consisting of the “rich, at the center [Buenos Aires]” and the other of the “poor, from the interior of the country.”

When pressed for answers on what Argentina can expect next, he responded that it will be difficult for Macri to govern a State so full of divided interests but then opted not to comment any further, declaring that “speaking about all of this today, one day after the elections, is like discussing science fiction.”

Scioli, for his part, seems to be holding up pretty well and, depite his post-meeting silence, he did say the following on the radio: “I’m great, I’m never going to give up, this is what gives my life meaning. People were looking for an alternative.”

Cristina will be receiving President-elect Mauricio Macri in her residence tonight at 7 PM.