Around twenty Peronist politicians met this afternoon to announce they will be competing in the August primaries – known as the PASO elections – for the newly proclaimed party Unidad Ciudadana (Citizen Unity). And guess who’s taking the reins? That’s right, former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The announcement has confirmed previous rumors that a Kirchnerist party would run in the elections without any connections to the Peronist Partido Justicialista party, commonly referred to as PJ. Instead, they’ve adopted a new electoral front altogether.

The ex-President shared the name of her new party along with the terms under which she is expected to run for Senate in the upcoming elections via Twitter. She also managed to sneak in a few rousing comments for her followers.

After unveiling the name of her new political group on Twitter, the President justified her decision to come back to politics by saying “there are no jobs, prices are skyrocketing, people have no money and utilities are impossible to pay.” She didn’t mention, however, her feud with her former Transportation minister, Florencio Randazzo, which is considered to be at least partly responsible for her decision to break away with the PJ in order to avoid running against him in the August primaries.

Cristina Kirchner’s tweets disclosed the names of those who will be taking the lead with her. It comes as no surprise that her son, the head of the La Cámpora youth organization, Máximo Kirchner, will be joining the coalition. Other parties joining the coalition are the Frente Grande, Kolina, Nuevo Encuentro, Partido de la Victoria and Partido Compromiso Federal.

The headliner of the political front PJ Bonaerense in the Buenos Aires province, Fernando Espinoza, will also be part of the ex-President’s team. Several mayors such as Verónica Magario (La Matanza), Jorge Ferraresi (Avellaneda), Mario Secco (Ensenada) y Francisco “Paco” Durañona (San Antonio de Areco) have confirmed their involvement.

Ferrasi personally confirmed the former President’s candidacy as well and promised the party would make it official by organizing a rally on Argentina’s National Flag Day on June 20th.

You thought she was gone? You had no idea.