Former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner holds a press conference flanked by Agustín Rossi (left) and José Luis Gioja. (Télam / Osvaldo Fanton)

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has flatly rejected today’s indictment and request for her arrest by Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio, arguing that the charges had been fabricated and accusing President Mauricio Macri of being behind the day’s bombshell.

“All this doesn’t make any sense and it’s an excess, this has nothing to do with democracy and justice” said the recently sworn-in senator. “This is a fabricated case based on facts that never took place and that is seeking to create personal and political damage to those opposing (this government) and has nothing to do with democracy and justice. There’s no crime, no motive, it’s been judged and there isn’t a case. Bonadio knows it, the government knows it, president Macri knows it too.”

Fernández de Kirchner, who enjoys immunity from arrest as senator-elect, spoke surrounded by Kirchnerite figures assembled in the Victory Front’s (FpV) caucus offices in the Lower House. The Memorandum of Understanding with Iran that Bonadio has cited as being a vehicle for treason was approved in Congress and the former president made a point of describing the agreement with Tehran as a foreign policy decision that isn’t subject to judicial review.

In another passage, the former president laid blame squarely at the feet of President Mauricio Macri. “Macri is the director of the orchestra and Bonadio is playing the judicial score.” Finally, Fernández de Kirchner said “we’re going to defend in the Senate, in Congress and everywhere the millions of Argentines that are being punished by economic austerity. I call for a serene reaction, to respond politically to this unheard of and incredible judicial nonsense.”

Agustín Rossi, who only days ago was named as chair of the FpV caucus in the Lower House, did not mince his words either. “They want to annihilate the opposition. This is political persecution and Mauricio Macri is responsible” said Rossi in conversation with radio Del Plata. “It’s them who are breaking all of the institutional limits. The Memorandum with Iran, which is the cause of Bonadio’s hunt today, was approved by Congress.” Fellow FpV lawmaker Juan Cabandié said that the arrests were designed to “distract from the criticism from the reduction in pensions.”

A march in support of Fernández de Kirchner has been called for 7pm today at Plaza de Mayo by the Confederación de Trabajadores de la Economía Popular (CTEP). Its leader, Juan Grabois, called for a rally against the “repression and persecution of the opposition that is propelled by the government.”

According to Télam, the CTEP will be joined by the Movimiento Evita, Nuevo Encuentro, Kolina, Correpi, La Cámpora, Miles and Tupac Amaru, among other Kirchnerite and non-Kirchnerite groups.