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Former President Cristina Kirchner’s open letter pleading for opposition parties to join forces against the Cambiemos government in October has not been well received by its intended audience.

The letter, published on her Facebook page yesterday, argued that opposition parties should join her Unidad Ciudadana party and “work together to change the course of the economy in the future and of the rule of law in the present.” The letter pointed to labor reforms, public sector layoffs, a reduction in pensions, and increases in the cost of utilities as problems that the she says the current administration is not paying attention to, nor being able to rectify.

“The government of Mauricio Macri is eluding its responsibilities and manipulating reality to pit us against one another and divide the majority,” she wrote.

On her post, Cristina asked opposition candidates running for a Senate seat for the province of Buenos Aires to unite behind her. However, her request has been unambiguously rejected by other opposition candidates. Sergio Massa, her former Cabinet Chief and current candidate for 1País, tweeted that “dialogue with those who divide us is not possible.”

At the same time, former ally Florencio Randazzo, currently running in the Justicialist (Peronist) Party chose not to respond to the open letter. At the time it was released, he was meeting with officials from Pepsico. Clarin noted that in her statements she implicitly criticized Massa and Randazzo and accused them of being functional “allies” of Macri because even though they are Peronists they are competing for the same seat. This division, she says, creates a “fragmented opposition” that benefits the President.

Margarita Stolbizer, candidate for 1País with Massa, also rejected the open letter. “You were the one that degraded the rule of law, divided Argentines and condemned 12 million people to poverty,” Stolbizer said in to the former President on Twitter. “It will never be possible to come to an agreement with those who plundered the country. Submit yourself to justice first and return what you have taken. Enough with the lies,” Stolbizer said.

The swift rejection makes Cristina Kirchner’s victory in October even less likely; her slim victory in the PASO primaries by only 0.21 percent places her chances against Esteban Bullrich in jeopardy.

Those chances only decrease if her open letter to unify the opposition fails.