Here is Cristina being Cristina.

While inaugurating the Eva Perón hospital (that’s original) in Tucumán via teleconference, the President talked to Education Minister Alberto Sileoni, who was casually surrounded by a million primary school students, all of them standing there surely because they couldn’t fight the urge to be close to him because they love him so much. It’s not staged or anything.

Sileoni was there to inaugurate a primary school in a building that used to be a torture and detention center during the last military dictatorship, a piece of information that is already terrifying in itself. It’s like Barack Obama opening up a kindergarten in the Abu Ghraib prison.

So as if that wasn’t awkward enough, the President asked to talk to Alex, one of the kids standing around there, who was waiting for his fifteen minutes of fame. Also not staged or anything.

Here’s a transcript of their conversation:

Cristina: Hello, Alex.

Innocent Kid: How do you do, Madam President?

Cristina: Very well. How old are you, Alex? Tell me.

Innocent Kid: I’m eleven years old.

Cristina: And how do you do in school?

Innocent Kid: I’m doing good.

Cristina: OK. That’s great. And what do you want to be once you’re done with school?

Innocent Kid: I want to be a mechanic.

Cristina: Greeeeeeeeeeeeat!! (To someone else) If he told me he wanted to be a lawyer I would have shot myself.

Innocent Kid Traumatized Forever:  …

Here’s some footage of their exchange:

Now there’s a meeting with the President you will never forget, kid.

Her statement is weird, considering she herself is a lawyer. Or it’s not weird, if we take into account how tense the relationship between the Executive and the Judiciary currently is due to her recent plans for justice reform.

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