Update: Kirchner went to the federal courthouse of Río Gallegos, in the Santa Cruz Province, instead of going to Comodoro Py. According to La Nación, the former president presented a written statement to a courthouse requesting the processes be carried out in her native province rather than the City of Buenos Aires. However, she didn’t get her way because the case is another jurisdiction, meaning the only way she could do it there is if the judge allowed it, which he didn’t.

In the end, Bonadio postponed the subpoena until Tuesday, November 29, warning he will resort to police intervention if she doesn’t attend.

You may remember how, just a couple of weeks ago in the context of the “Future Dollars” case, Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had her lawyer submit a statement to Comodoro Py’s federal courthouse that read: “I request all measures be taken for this case to be moved to trial as fast as possible.”

Well, today she didn’t turn up in court for the appointment that federal judge Claudio Bonadio had scheduled for 11am. And the reason: her son has explained nothing more than that she is “in Patagonia, in Río Gallegos.” Mixed messages much?

srsly Cristina, can u not? Judge Bonadio.
“srsly Cristina, can u not?” Judge Bonadio.

The judge had ordered Cristina to give her fingerprints and submit to a socio-environmental report, but now he will have to decide what measures to take following the ex-president’s refusal to travel to Buenos Aires. Yesterday the magistrate caused speculation that he might ask for help from the police, whilst rejecting a request from Carlos Beraldi, the former president’s lawyer, to postpone the subpoena and carry out the procedure in Rio Gallegos on December 1st.

Having revealed his mother’s location to Radio 10 this morning, Máximo Kirchner challenged Bonadio: “The judge can now take the actions he holds with such pleasure.”

Cristina is being prosecuted in the “Future Dollars” case, which claims that the Argentine Central Bank (BCRA) was instructed by the then government to sell dollars at a fixed rate in Argentine pesos for an undefined date in the future. With a ruling from Chamber II of the Federal Court, Judge Bonadio has been able to advance the case to oral and public trial.

Guards outside the ex-president’s house in Río Gallegos, in case someone tries to get in to get some fingerprints. Photo via Opi Santa Cruz

The rest of the seventeen accused individuals in the case, including the former Economy Minister Axel Kicillof, have already complied with the preparative procedures, which apparently don’t take longer than 35 minutes. On Wednesday, however, Cristina hinted at not attending in a Facebook post and accused the judge of imposing a restriction on her rights by forcing her to do something that the law does not require.

Although she’s not travelling to Buenos Aires today, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner will do so in the next few days. Her son confirmed that the former president would head an event at the Ferro stadium on December 7th. She will be launching la Corriente Federal Kirchnerista (CFK), a new political space that will bring together “ultra K” groups before the 2017 elections. CFK… is it me or do you recognise those initials?