Former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

In a barrage of Tweets today, former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner criticized yet another attempt to reopen a case investigating whether she covered up the role Iran could have allegedly played in the deadly 1994 AMIA bombing. The bid to reopen the case has already been rejected, but Cristina took to Twitter nonetheless to blame the Macri administration for instigating it.

Let’s get a bit of background before getting onto her Twitter rant. The case was initially opened by Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was also the prosecutor in charge of the AMIA case, an investigation into the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) Jewish Community Center, the largest terrorist attack in South America to date in which 85 people lost their lives. Nisman maintained that there was evidence that proved that Hezbollah operatives and Iranian officials carried out the attack in retaliation to Argentina’s decision to suspend a nuclear technology program.

Then, in 2013, Argentina and Iran sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to conduct a bilateral joint investigation into the bombing: Nisman accused Cristina and others of covering up Iran’s role in the tragedy in exchange for oil. For Nisman, the MOU equaled treason. On January 18th 2015, Nisman was found dead in his apartment with a single gunshot to the head. It’s still unknown whether this was a suicide or homicide. He was set to appear before Congress to justify calling Cristina to the stand mere hours after he was killed.

Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas dismissed the case against Cristina in 2015. Then, in March, Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita requested reopening the case, but according to Rafecas, the case was already “closed and archived” and could not be opened again. Once the judiciary returns from recess next week, La Nación sources revealed days ago that a double strategy will be implemented. First, the DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) will ask for Judge Rafecas to de-archive the case. Second, Federal Chamber Prosecutor Germán Moldes will try to get the ruling that closed the investigation annulled.

You thought it was over? It’s never over.

The investigation into Alberto Nisman's death took some turns today. Photo via La voz.
Prosecutor Alberto Nisman. Photo via La Voz

In her tweets, Cristina suggested that the Macri administration is encouraging this “plan” to put her in jail (instead of focusing on a lot of other serious issues afflicting the country).

“They have a plan. A plan to solve the enormous upheaval that they made with the price [of] services? A plan to stop the inflation of prices, especially in food products, and the decline in consumption? […] I’d better stop there because the list of things that our country needs is endless…but yes, it would seem that they have a plan. What plan and to what end? To reopen Nisman’s case against Cristina,” read the multiple tweets.

Cristina also alludes to the people “pointing fingers” as guilty of covering things up:

“What are you talking about, Cristina? It’s true that [the judicial system is] fiercely persecuting you, but that charge doesn’t have a leg to stand on! When the AMIA [tragedy] occurred, [you] were just a deputy in Santa Cruz and everyone [that is] pointing fingers [now] were public officials [who should take responsibility]!” continues Cristina (speaking ironically in the third person).

According to her, that is why there has yet to be an arrest in connection with the AMIA Case in the first place:

“That’s why after 22 years since the AMIA [attack] there has still not been a single [person jailed]. The original judge and prosecutors of the case are [currently] being charged for covering [things] up, as well as other officials from the then national government,” concludes Cristina.

Last week, the Jewish Community commemorated the 22nd anniversary of the AMIA bombing, in which AMIA Vice President Ralph Thomas Saieg urged the government to make the investigation “a State priority.”