Here’s yesterday’s Cadena Nacional in full, in which the President announced an 11.31 percent increase in the minimum pension, taking it to AR$2,757. She also raised the government subsidies for school supplies to AR$510, representing a 200 percent increase.



As it happens with all of her Cadenas lately, once she was done she went out to the balcony and addressed the crowd of supporters gathering inside the Casa Rosada. You know, like a rock star does after the show is over for one last song.



Here are some of the highlights of the address last night:

  • “There is no (economic) adjustment problem. There is an fair-mindedness problem.”
  • “We will not allow for the looting of the Argentine people’s money.”
  • “For as long as I’m president, the Government will never become a business.”
  • “Business leaders, stop lying to the Argentine people.”
  • “I don’t believe, as Antonio said, that people can’t eat with a minimum wage.”
  • “I’d like to see my fellow union leaders in every supermarket, in every pharmacy, making sure that prices are not going up.”
  • “It is unfair that while a man just lies there with a ristra of chorizos, there is another that, as a registered worker, is able to buy dollars while having his utilities subsidized by the Government. It’s not fair.”
  • “If you can use 20 percent of your salary to buy dollars, then I think we need to look into that again.”
  • “It is true that there are some sectors that subsist on subsidies they no longer need.”
  • “When you go all the way to the left, you end up on the other side, because the Earth is round.”
  • “We need a bourgeoisie with a national conscience, like the ones industrialized nations have.”
  • “Economists talk weird and they try to screw you over”
  • “I find it very interesting that there are still small groups of 10 or 15 people who decide to block traffic for whatever reason.”

(Photo/Casa Rosada YouTube channel)