Photo via Infobae.

British newspaper The Telegraph balked at President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s silence on the Malvinas issue during her eight and final UN General Assembly address last night, after having criticized her commenting on the islands’ sovereignty at each prior UN meeting for the last few years.

Photo via The Telegraph.
Photo via The Telegraph.

Some people are just never happy.

In an article published this morning titled, Why didn’t Cristina Kirchner mention the Falklands during her UN speech?” Telegraph writer Harriet Alexander described the President’s address as “lengthy, impassioned” and “full of fiery rhetoric” and provided a detailed list of Cristina’s past Malvinas references to the UN.

In the end, Alexander did not answer her initial question, however. (So much for keeping us on the edge of our seats.)

Cristina did indeed hold back on discussing the islands’ sovereignty, instead discussing vulture fund creditors and accusing the US of harboring AMIA spies. The local media were quick to pick up on the UK piece and bemusedly recount the non-incident.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of UN resolution 2065, which calls for Argentina and the UK to discuss the islands’ sovereignty, something even the Pope is in favor of.

The recent election of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has historically supported Malvinas talks, has given hope to Argentines that at long last, some sort of sovereignty discussion may be had.