Hours after being indicted by Federal Judge Julián Ercolini for her alleged involvement in orchestrating a scheme to embezzle public funds through public works contracts during her administration, former President Cristina Kirchner took to social media to weigh on the issue.

In a letter entitled “Postcards for the end of the year,” Fernández claimed to be the victim of political persecution and criticized Macri, his administration and the judges in charge of the cases against her.

“The ‘criminal conspiracy’ charge was created by non-democratic governments and used by dictatorships to persecute opposition leaders,” she said.

The former president went on to cover her take on the events saying they exemplify how — in her opinion — her indictment is part of a ploy to cover up the fact that the Macri administration is going through an internal crisis while at the same time limiting people’s rights.

“They fired the Economy Minister, but the economy is doing very well. That’s why Macri is on vacation until next year. In a flooded Pergamino [a town] they send people not to help but to repress them. In Argentina, we spent the first Christmas with political prisoners since democracy began,” she wrote.

By this, she was making reference to the departure of now former Treasury and Finance Minister Alfonso Prat Gay, the violent clearing of a protest carried out by residents of Pergamino, who set up blockades in a bridge demanding help from the State, and the imprisonment of controversial social leader Milagro Sala, who has been behind bars since January.

Furthermore, Fernández argued that the multiple court rulings against her illustrate how the judicial system is being partial, favoring sectors she claims to be close to the Macri administration to the detriment of her and the people in her political camp.

“Ercolini, whose wife is a spokesperson for the Minister of Justice [his wife, Julia Kenny, was a spokesperson for Minister Germán Garavano] in a case that has been in his courtroom for over eight years, now says that our constitutional governments were Criminal Conspiracies.’ Will he indict the 46 and 54 percent of the population that voted for us in the 2007 and 2011 elections?”

Judge Ercolini. Photo via La Nación
Judge Ercolini. Photo via La Nación

She continued: “Ercolini absolved [Clarín Group CEO Hector] Magnetto, Ernestina Herrera de Nobl and [La Nación CEO] Bartolome Mitre in a crimes against humanity case because of Papel Prensa [the company that prints the newspapers with the largest circulation in the country. Read about the case here.] without even calling them into questioning, even though the prosecutor had requested it, after pressing charges against them,” she said.

To support her argument, the former president drew a link between the absolved CEOs and the new Minister of Treasury, Nicolás Dujovne: “He was director of Papel Prensa, works for TN [part of the Clarín Group] and is a columnist in La Nación. Oh! and he also bought future dollar contracts,” wrote Cristina. By this, she was referencing the “Future Dollars” case, in which Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio indicted her as well as other Kirchnerite officials but absolved some from the current administration who could have been potentially involved in the case.

Fernández concluded her argument by saying that her indictment comes as a result of her administration’s crusade to take down “real power”:

“As [writer Jose] Saramago said, real power doesn’t show itself and doesn’t run for office. No one chooses it and doesn’t like to be named or pointed at. And that’s what was done for a decade: show what could not be shown, judge what could not be judged, say what was forbidden to mention. Doing that has a price. Nothing is free,” reads the letter.

Shortly after, the Victory Front (FpV) caucus in the Chamber of Deputies came out to back Cristina’s claims, arguing in a written statement that the judge’s decision is “judicially unsustainable and represents yet another episode in the persecution the former president has been subjected to, as well as other leaders from the political arena.”

In line with the former President’s arguments, the caucus also accused Judge Ercolini of being “instrumental to Cambiemos’ intention of covering up its own political crisis, its government’s incompetence in matters of security, Macri’s old and new offshore accounts, the social and economic disaster they submerged us into in only a year.”

In contrast, Deputy and founding member of the Cambiemos coalition, Elisa “Lilita” Carrió, considered the indictment as due legal process saying “justice is finally being made.”

As usual, we have one event but two published takes on reality.