Gendarmes at the Ricchieri Highway. Photo via La Nación

If you read the news for more than five seconds today, you probably know about the violent incidents that took place on the Ricchieri highway between the Cresta Roja workers who were cutting off access to the Ezeiza and the gendarmes who were sent there to remove them.

It was in that context when TN news anchor Guillermo Lobo and reporter for the same outlet Valeria Sampedro, had a tense exchange due differing takes on what was going down on the ground as the conflict developed.

While Sampedro, present at the scene, was describing the situation, the anchor asked her if “there were any gendarmes hurt, since there were reports saying that two of them suffered from injuries.”

Lobo hadn’t finished the question when Sampedro stopped him cold to deny anything remotely close to that had happened: ” I don’t see any gendarmes getting medical attention. They’re absolutely protected. I mean, the protesters threw like three cans at them. I had it worse when they hurt me with the water cannon,” said Sampedro, referring to the incidents that started when Gendarmerie used a water cannon to disperse the protesters, motivating them to retaliate by throwing sticks and stones.

Right after the exchange, the anchor ended the report: “Well, the situation is tense there,” he said. Tense indeed.

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