Photo via Zona Norte Visión

The 25th Civil Court of La Plata has upheld a case by the Buenos Aires Ombudsman Office and ruled to suspend the increase in tolls for the Buenos-Aires-La Plata highway and highway 2.

The toll increases, of between 30 and 60 percent, were authorized by the provincial government of Buenos Aires in mid-January, and came into effect on February 15.

Now, after the Ombudsman argued that there was no public hearing to inform the people the increase in tariffs — as it’s determined by law — and that the argument provided by the provincial Executive branch to increase the toll prices was lacking; a judge has now ordered that the tolls go back to the original prices before the new price increases were put in place.

Buenos Aires government officials told DYN news agency that they had still not been notified of the court ruling so the response of María Eugenia Vidal, the governor of the Buenos Aires province, remains unknown. However, the government will have the opportunity to appeal the ruling in front of a higher court.