Photo via Clarín

A court ordered yesterday for former Jujuy Province Governor Eduardo Fellner to be arrested in relation to a case investigating the alleged embezzlement of federal funds originally allocated to a project to build of social housing complex that was never carried out.

Fellner stands accused of giving AR $1.2 billion to social organization Tupac Amaru led by Milagro Sala – in pre-trial prison since January 2016 – for it to conduct the project, something that allegedly never happened. (By the way, this is not the reason for which Sala is currently under arrest.)

The court also ordered the arrest of other former officials from the previous administration (2011-2015). National government officials and members of Tupac Amaru have been charged as well.

The original charges were pressed by members of the current administration, led by Governor Gerardo Morales – who has got a diametrically opposed political orientation to that of Fellner’s. The former governor was charged with alleged abuse of authority and defrauding the public administration. According to officials from the current administration, the allegedly embezzled money would have been enough to build more than 2,000 houses.

According to local media, the former governor was not in his house in Jujuy when police arrived to apprehend him. He was in Buenos Aires City, as he currently works as an aide in the Partido Justicialista’s (PJ) caucus in the Lower House.

A source close to Fellner told Clarín that he believes the court’s decision makes no sense whatsoever, as he “was not even indicted, nor had been called into questioning.”

“Everyone knew those funds went straight from the national administration to the Tupac,” the source added. The investigation, however, argued that the governor could not be unaware that the funds were not being used for their original purposes and because of that, he has a degree of responsibility.