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The 12th edition of the San Pedro Country Music Festival is bringing to us 40 shows from Argentina and beyond, for FREE this weekend. Bring in the trucks, the women and the booze because the program is flooded from Friday to Sunday. You can check it out here. If you’re into pop with banjos then you probably won’t be disappointed.

Where is it? Paseo Publico Municipal

So it’s not actually in Capital Federal. The festival is taking place in San Pedro, a spot most Porteños will questioningly refer to as “that spot I went fishing at once” is about 165km north of the city. The most comfortable way of getting there would taking a car up the Ruta Nacional 9. A bus from Retiro will set you back 200 pesos and take about 5 hours – which is child’s play for a diehard country music fan.

When is it? September 25, 26 and 27

Don’t forget your cowboy hat, darlin’. Throw a pair of your dancin’ boots on while you’re at it too.