The weekend is upon us! Despite the fact that most of you will be sad not to read the daily roundup, I’m sure you will be able to hold your own in political conversations until Monday: the main thing is the debate this weekend, so make sure to catch at least some of it.

  • So, people have been picking up on how Economy Minister Axel Kicillof’s insulting Massa by calling him a forro (“asshole”) in a viral video may not have been the best move to get votes. Even Aníbal Fernández said that “he had made a mistake.” But he apologized and Massa said it was cool, so it’s ok, everyone.

So nice to see the boys getting along. Click here to read a full analysis on the subject.

  • The built-up tension of the upcoming ballotage has also caused more outbursts. First, while undermining Cambiemos’ María Eugenia Vidal, public intellectual José Pablo Feinmann said that she was so pretty “she could end up being human trafficked.” Which, wtf. Vidal wasn’t too happy about this. And nobody else was.
Feinmann undermined Vidal's capacity to govern based on her looks. Really?
Feinmann undermined Vidal’s capacity to govern based on her looks. Really?
  • Second outburst comes from Hebe de Bonafini, one of the founders of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Association. She not only accused Macri of sympathizing with the dictatorship but went all the way and called Ricardo Lorenzetti, head of the Supreme court, an hijo de re mil puta, which would translate as something like “son of a thousand bitches.” Which is a hilarious translation but a terrible thing to say.

  • On the back of these angry faux pas made within hours of each other, the governor of Salta Province, Juan Manuel Urtubey, further distanced himself from Kirchnerites. Speaking to Radio Con Vos, he said that, “Fortunately there are more important and interesting voices than those of Kicillof, Hebe and Feinmann.” He’s been doing this a lot lately, although he did speak well of Scioli, who “spoke (yesterday) on a completely different wavelength” and added that “what we’ve been living until now is absurd.”
Source: Daniel Salmoral.
Source: Daniel Salmoral.

At least someone's dished will be spotless. Source: Minuto Uno.
At least someone’s dished will be spotless. Source: Minuto Uno.
  • Should anyone be really upset because they’ll miss the The Bubble over the weekend, do not despair: we’re hosting the first ever Presidential Debate Bingo in Palermo! Okay, so it’ll probably be more social than strictly political, but still. If you’ll be watching from home, you can have our Bingo Cards handy anyway.
One of The Bubble's Presidential Debate Bingo Card
One of The Bubble’s Presidential Debate Bingo Cards

The candidates are set to lay low over the weekend to prepare for the debate. Although Macri is, according to the polls, going to be more comfortable than Scioli, unless there is a dramatic revelation or tragic ocurrence during the debate, we’ll probably be seeing things similar to the campaign trail. Let’s hope it’s a little less aggressive, though: watching a political cat fight would probably ruin my Sunday.

Have a great weekend!