It’s the final countdown.

Now that the song stuck is stuck in your head, let’s move on to the last roundup of what’s been going on between Cambiemos’ presidential candidate Mauricio Macri and Victory Front’s (FpV) Daniel Scioli.

  • The official campaigns have gone silent for the veda electoral, but social media has taken up the campaign baton (as the only communication means exempt from the ban). The candidates’ hashtags erupted on Twitter, with Macri’s #YoCambio becoming the first trending topic in Argentina and Scioli’s #MejorScioli third. However, once again, it went viral worldwide: becoming the third and fifth TTs worldwide, respectively.
Source: Minuto Uno
Source: Minuto Uno
  • Meanwhile, both candidates had their closing ceremonies in very different places. Scioli took his ceremony to the Buenos Aires partido of La Matanza: amid promises of more inclusion and rights, he dropped that, “The pact that the Alliance candidate has made with the devils is very serious.” The devils being the likes of the IMF and the vulture funds. Intense, right? Read about the candidates’ closing rallies here.
  • Meanwhile, Macri’s closing ceremony took place in Humahuaca, Jujuy, in the North of the country that has been the focus of both campaigns. In his speech, he said that the Argentine people were the real heroes, thanked the people for dreaming fearlessly and promised employment and pover- progress. Yeah, that was a slip up. Promising poverty would definitely be a first.

  • In an interview with Infobae, Daniel Scioli stated that, “Winning the ballotage wouldn’t be a surprise for me.” Well, he wouldn’t say that he’d be taken by surprise, would he?
  • If you remember, we’ve been promised that the ballotage results are going to be ready by 10:30-11:00 PM, unlike the October elections where we had to wait until past midnight. Given that, FpV Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández has said, “This Sunday at at 11:00 PM I’ll be sleeping in my onesie.” Thanks for that mental image, Aníbal.
Aníbal at last Sunday's debate. He's definitely loosened up lately. Source: La Nación
Aníbal at last Sunday’s debate. He’s definitely loosened up lately. Source: La Nación
  • From onesies to controversy around abortion (when isn’t abortion controversial here?). One of Macri’s advisors, Jaime Durán Barba, said yesterday that, “If a woman wants to have an abortion, let her” and that “What the Pope says doesn’t change even 10 people’s votes.” To this, Macri quickly isolated himself from Barba’s statements:

Both candidates have made it clear they are anti-abortion in the past.

Alejandro Tullio breaking down the numbers for us. Source: TN
Alejandro Tullio breaking down the ballotage numbers for us. Thanks! Source: TN
  • For any Argentines reading this, you can check here where you’re going to be voting in the ballotage and your número de orden. Probably where you voted for the October election, but no harm in checking I guess.
  • Some more ballotage creativity in the latest in the gaming world (?): Macri Jump is now available on Android. It’s a cutout Macri head jumping…you get the idea. Pretty addictive, actually.

Well, that’s it.

But do not despair, my dear readers. You have a whole day tomorrow to relax and forget about politics for a while (a day) and get ready for whatever Sunday may bring.

Have a great weekend!