Welcome back, my politics enthusiasts! As you have probably noticed, the ballotage date looms ever closer and things are getting a little more intense by the day. Every decision and every move matters far more than before: politics matter, people.

  • Quick update on the toma (seizure of land) in the district of Merlo that we mentioned yesterday: police forces were sent in yesterday to enforce the eviction of the 3,000 squatting families, but instead negotiation channels were opened and a census was begun this morning. Since every political decision made from now is very important because of the runoff in two weeks, politicians on either side of the political aisle are exercising caution. Read all about what’s been going on and learn about the historical context of tomas here.
  • To add to the general confusion, two surveys have published two different predictions on the difference in the number of votes that Victory Front’s (FpV) Daniel Scioi and Cambiemos’ Mauricio Macri would receive on the 22nd. Both forecast a Macri victory, but one claims there’s likely to be a 3.8 percent difference while the other predicts a 8.5 percent difference.

  • More campaign videos. No, really. Let’s just assume that the campaign has become a kind of vlog and both candidates are looking to publish one a day. This video, from Scioli’s campaign, shows yellow balloons (a Macri trademark) being inflated and deflated, alluding to politicians’ promises being “hot air” that don’t survive over time. The video is actually pretty good, and at least it isn’t apocalyptic. Or Viagra-ad-like.

  • Oh, wait. Former Camporista candidate Mariano Recalde published yet another video, this one of people taking off creepy Macri masks, urging people to vote for an “unmasked” Argentina. I think most would want to stick to the Viagra-like ads. This ad falls in line with harsh criticisms by Scioli of Cambiemos’ initial intention of privatizing the public oil company YPF. Although the video is also pretty good, albeit creepy, it’s still focused on attacking the other candidate.
Creepy anti-Macri video posted on Mariano Recalde's facebook
Creepy anti-Macri video posted on Mariano Recalde’s facebook
  • Macri has just published yet another video. Seriously, this is getting a little too iCarly. But the video itself is surprisingly good, too: it shows Macri appealing to Scioli’s voters saying that he respects that they won’t vote for him and that “he believes that a President should work for everyone.” This will definitely give Scioli a run for his money in his bid to be seen as the most understanding politician.
Macri's new video is something of a game changer.
Macri’s new video is something of a game changer (Screenshot)
  • In yet another example of mirroring Sergio Massa’s (Renewal Front party and second runner up in the election) policies to gain his supporters’ vote, Scioli’s choice of potential Minister of Security Sergio Berni has promised to deploy 20,000 military troops to the borders to combat drug trafficking. Massa’s original proposal included sending the troops into villas miserias (slums), but Scioli hasn’t gone that far.
FpV's Sergio Berni (left) and Daniel Scioli (right). Source: Infobae
FpV’s Sergio Berni (left) and Daniel Scioli (right). Source: Infobae

Since the presidential debate is on Sunday, it is likely that the candidates will continue hurling rocks at each other. Figuratively, of course (let’s hope). Still, hold onto your hats because the debate will probably come at the height of inter-campaign tension.

Tune in tomorrow!