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The photo looks like it should speak for itself, but the actual messaging behind it is a little obtuse. Let’s unpack the WTF moment of the day, shall we?

Portly town councillor, Hugo Cabrera, from the northern province of Misiones, lies on a bed surrounded by $100 peso notes. According to local newspaper, Misiones Cuatro, the photo was published on Facebook alongside the comment “This is for all those smart alecs who told me to go work.”

Misiones Cuatro
Misiones Cuatro

This is strange and gross enough, but it’s the series of events leading up to the photo that really beggars belief.

According to Misiones Online, the bizarre chain of events that would culminate in the even more bizarre photo, started back in December of 2016, when Cabrera complained about cuts to public servant salaries.

Apparently, he was in dire straights, “I am sick, I can’t work and I have many kids to maintain,” said the father of 17 at the time.

When his complaints were ignored, like Gandhi before him, he began a hunger strike. The strike took on another dimension when he claimed he was also drawing attention to what he claims was the misuse of public funds by the Municipal Executive Office.

Then, when those around him told him to “go to work” instead of protesting, Cabrera decided it was time for drastic measures. Which is when the photo comes into play, allegedly published in an attempt to demonstrate the legitimacy of his protest.

“This has nothing to do with my salary, this is part of a protest. I am making a more general complaint about where they invested those funds and it as nothing to do with the fact I have 17 children,” he said, according to Infonews.

However, since the photos went viral over the weekend, Cabrera has come forth and claimed they are “old” and are being disseminated to damage him and his protest, according to Misiones Online.

The President of his political party, the Unión Cívica Radical (UCR), has repudiated his actions and said he will be investigated by a disciplinary committee. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Mártires has called for him to be sanctioned. “His attitude is unpleasant, it’s an embarrassment for the public” said mayor Roberto Sosa, according to Misiones Cuatro.

Probably fair to say the photo was a net loss for everyone.