I wish this was some cliché good cop-bad cop movie where the good guy talks some sense into the corrupt one, who cracks after some inspiring speech and tells him he’s only been doing it to pay for his terminally-ill sister’s medical procedure, but no such luck.

On Sunday January 25th, Bahia Blanca city’s security camera system witnessed another chapter of police corruption. The tapes show a young man doing drugs on the street.

Alerted by the vigilance system, police lieutenant Fabricio Moro arrived at the scene. But instead of taking both the man into custody, he kept the drugs in his pants and left after making sure he didn’t have any more.



After acknowledging the video, Bahía Blanca’s Police Department fired the lieutenant.

Moro’s now being investigated by a public prosecutor’s office for not performing his public officer duties and abuse of authority. Also, Buenos Aires’ Police Department’s Internal Affairs has “opened a file” on the corrupt cop.

“Bad boys bad boys, watcha’ gonna do when we come for you?” Not much, apparently.