Itatí Mayor Roger Terán, after being arrested. Photo via Clarín

The mayor of Itatí — a small town in the Corrientes Province — Roger Terán, his Deputy Mayor, Fabio Aquino, and the town’s Police Chief, Diego Ocampo Alvarenga, were all detained this morning, accused of drug-trafficking. They were predictably taken into custody as part of a federal investigation being carried out by Judge Sergio Torres, since law or its enforcement didn’t seem to have much room in the town. They are set to be brought to the City of Buenos Aires in the next hours to be questioned, Clarín reported.

The case being investigated by Torres began in May 2014 when police arrested several drug-traffickers in the City of Buenos Aires who got the product in the Northern region of the country.

On February 15, in the context of another case, border patrol detained Terán’s daughter, María, and her husband, and accused them of being part of one of the Corrientes’ most important drug-trafficking organizations, which operated in Paraguay and seven provinces in the country.

At that moment, Terán had insisted that he has had little contact with his daughter, but that they were an honest family. “We are a modest, hardworking family that, on this occasion, is going through a difficult moment,” he said. Today’s events bring quite a few questions to this assertion.

Moreover, the Deputy Mayor’s brother was also arrested on drug-traffikcing charges on February 21 after being caught transporting more than 500 kilos of marijuana on a national route. Terán and Aquino took office in 2017 after winning the local elections with 51 percent of the votes. It seems unlikely they will try to run for a second term.