ORLAN in her seventh performance of surgery. Photo taken from www.orlan.eu.

ORLAN, the French performance artist infamous for making art out of her body, has installed her newest show, “Autorretratos híbridos,” at the Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires. ORLAN demands that her name be written only in capital letters. As a feminist artist, her form mirrors her content. She enlarges her name to stake her claim in the male-dominated field of contemporary art.

Raised in Saint-Étienne and based across Paris, Los Angeles, and New York, ORLAN is renowned worldwide for modifying her body as performance. Since the 1970s, ORLAN has revolutionized the relationship between the artistic and the corporal by making plastic surgery a common part of her performance. Grounded in the feminist concept that people need not conform to the bodies they were given, all of her shows explore how beauty is socially constructed.

“Autorretratos híbridas” is a multimedia display in which ORLAN virtually transforms her face according to the beauty standards of different societies. This show headlines the Alianza Francesa’s most recent culture series, Mujeres en Mayúsculas. The culture series is an ongoing project that aims to expand national conversations about gendered expectations, gender-based violence, and the ideal of gender equality. The project begins with the exhibition of pieces by female artists. ORLAN has the honor of being the first among them.


Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires

First Floor Gallery

Avenida Córdoba 946


30 May – 7 July 2017

Monday through Friday 9:00 – 20:00

Saturday 9:00 – 13:00