If you go out in the Buenos Aires Province, you may soon run into a 15-year on the dance floor. On Wednesday night, the province’s Chamber of Deputies passed a law to modify the policy that had previously banned teenagers under the age of 18 from attending nightclubs at the same time as people over the age of 18.

Approved just in time for the holiday season to kick off, the change is only valid in small cities and towns with less than 30,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, the 58 affected counties include coastal cities like Monte Hermoso, San Cayetano, Mar Chiquita and Pinamar.

The modification requires discussion by each city’s Deliberating Council prior to implementation. In other words, the law passed earlier this week opens up a debate in each small city over the conditions in which nightclubs can work. The measure is already widely controversial, in light of the many examples of lax control pertaining to nightlife. The Cromañón and Time Warp tragedies are still fresh in many minds.

PJ senator Patricio García. Via infoecos.com.ar

This adjustment was sponsered by PJ senator Patricio García, who said that it was a measure to prevent kids from travelling to other provinces at night, as well as an answer to the request made by several commune governors. This morning, on a live interview with TN, García explained that this is only a measure to control what already happens in small towns. He went on to deny holiday destinations were included in the regulation, and added Buenos Aires Province Governor, María Eugenia Vidal, could even overrule the law if she saw fit.