Foto: Carlos Brigo/Télam/cb

The last station on the C line of the Subte, Constitución, will be closed for two months due to renovation work and track maintenance. Up until February 28th, trains departing from Retiro will end their trips in the San Juan station instead of Constitución.

According to Télam, Buenos Aires Subways (Sbase) announced that the C line will have a special service from Wednesday the 4th of January until February 28th. Trains heading to Constitución, will will run between Retiro and San Juan, and to Retiro, subways will depart from Independencia.

Just like the project that renovated the Retiro subway station a year ago, the scheduled renovation job includes changing and updating the signaling system and the technology used to switch trains from one track to another.

The changes are expected to have a positive impact on service, and are part of the Government’s plan to improve public transportation in the City.

Walking an extra subway stop worth of hot pavement will hopefully pay off with shorter wait times and added safety.