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Connecting Paris And Buenos Aires Through The Work Of Pérez Celis

by . November 14, 2016


The Buenos Aires French Alliance is putting a remarkable collection of work by Celis Pérez, an Argentinian artist more commonly referred to as Pérez Celis, on public exhibit.

The collection, Paris, Toujours Paris, showcases work the painter created during his residency in the City of Lights from 1978 to 1984. There are twenty pieces in total on display, including screen prints, charcoal and oil paintings.


As a result of his stay in the French capital, Pérez Celis was able to think critically about his work’s connection to Latin American culture while acquiring a critical view on European art, replacing his former unquestioned fascination and admiration.

His work from those years recreates the atmosphere that surrounded the Argentinian community living in Paris at the time. Combining the influences of the Parisian l’École, geometric abstraction and an unapologetically Latin American aesthetic. Part of a transitional moment in time, the collection depicts a deep inner aspect, marked by a theme of rupture. The results tie in with a modern tradition, where the painting becomes a subject in its own right.

The event forms part of Alliance Française’s cultural initiative to further link France and Argentina (or in this case Paris and Buenos Aires).


The Alliance Francaise, Av. Córdoba 946


Monday through Friday | 9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday | 9 AM to 1 PM

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